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Top Five Dessert Parlours in Manchester

We all crave a little sugar sometimes and when noting else will cut it, head over to one of the many outstanding dessert bars in Manchester and tuck into a slice of scrumptious cake or some sensational ice cream in innovative and popular flavours.


After all we are now all grown up and no one is going to make you eat your broccoli before you can go for the sweet stuff.

So we promise not to judge if you don’t finish your main and skip straight to desserts.

Here are the top 5 dessert bars in Manchester where you can get your sugar fix.


Gingers Comfort Emporium

You’ve probably seen the chic and trendy “ice cream van for the grown-ups. This dessert wagon is mainly to be found after dark, when the children are safe in bed, roaming the streets of south Manchester.”

And now luckily for us they have a permanent residence in the Northern Quarter, on the first floor Afflecks Palace.

The charming space holds ice cream with the most unique flavours, and you choose to relish in it with either toasted brioche, hot puddings, affogato style, or milkshake.


Its up to you, whether you go for “creamy, fruity, nutty, chocolatey, meringuey, spicy, boozy, crunchy, refreshing, comforting iced desserts” but one thing is for sure no matter which one you go for you’re going to be left flabbergasted.


CUISINES: Cafe, ice cream parlour, dessert bar


WEBSITE: http://www.gingerscomfortemporium.com

MENU: http://www.gingerscomfortemporium.com/?cat=4

Address: Aflex Palace 52 Church Street, Manchester M4 1PW, England

PHONE: +44 7980 628866


Home Sweet Home – Northern Quarter

Home sweet home is an American style diner with variety of tantalising dessert options on the menu. Not only that but if you really do want to follow the parents advice of no desserts before your meal, this is the perfect place due to the impressive savoury options on the menu, including toasties, tacos, eggs, bacon, waffles, fried chicken and steak.


The indulgent sweet treats includes ice-cream shakes, milkshake, deep dish cookie pie and not forgetting the arrays of colourful cakes to satisfy all your heart’s cravings.

And their American style pancakes are the ultimate treat for any sugar junkie.


With a modest beginning Home Sweet Home quickly became a firm favourite with the locals and visitors alike and now has 2 branches, the original in Northern Quarter and the newer branch in Great Northern.



CUISINES: American, Cafe, British, Diner, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options


WEBSITE: http://homesweethomenq.com

MENU: http://homesweethomenq.com

Address: Edge Street | Northern Quarter, Manchester M4 1HW, England

PHONE: +44 161 244 9424


Sugar Junction

Sugar Junction is a charming place with mismatched chairs and rustic wooden tables, combined with the vintage tea pots and frames on the walls, customers are transported back in time.

The café offers a large selection of homemade food as well as their well renowned Afternoon Tea which is served on tiered stands, where you can enjoy homemade sandwiches, scones, creamy milkshakes, steaming hot puddings and their outstanding cakes to enjoy in a charming vintage atmosphere.


And if like us you cant choose from the wide selection of scrumptious cakes, then we recommend the cake platter, share three slices of your choice with a friend or not(we wont tell;)).

Sugar Junction has two locations in the Northern Quarter and Altrincham.


CUISINES: Cafe, British, Vegetarian Friendly, Gluten Free Options


WEBSITE: http://www.sugarjunction.co.uk

MENU: http://www.sugarjunction.co.uk/menu/

Address: 60 Tib Street, Manchester M4 1LG, England

PHONE: +44 161 839 1444

Dessert Republic

Considered as one of the best dessert places in Manchester, desserts republic is the perfect place to visit for a late night sugar craving.

On offer are Fresh Waffles, Milkshakes, ice cream, Crepes, Pancakes, Brownies & a wide selection of cakes plus much More.

And lets not forget the legendary Nutella milkshake, which is made with a blend of Nutella and Oreos, topped with your choice of either strawberry or chocolate ice-cream then finished with ice cream cone plus all the extra trimmings, all served in a Nutella jar.

With the luxurious interior and picture perfect presentation of the delicious treats it’s also a perfect Instagram photo opportunity.


CUISINES: Cafe, American, Dessert bar, Vegetarian Friendly


WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/DessertRepublicMcr/

MENU: https://www.facebook.com/DessertRepublicMcr/

Address: 583 Barlow Moor Road, Manchester M21 8AE, England

PHONE: +44 161 222 6269


Caramello is an Artisan Cafe, which serves sensational Patisserie and Gelato.

For those in search of indulgent homemade food in warm and cosy atmosphere which is also child friendly then Caramello is the place to go.

Customers can go to enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or just an amazing cup of coffee made by a fully trained barista’s.

Everything on the menu is presented as work of art and taste wise we know whatever you choose from the diverse menu its going to blow your mind away.


Everything the café serves whether savoury or sweet, Patisserie or Gelato is made in house with the freshest locally sourced ingredients, and whenever possible Caramello uses organic products and to cater to the large number of Muslims in and around Manchester all the ingredients are 100% halal (applies only to meat used, meat prepared as prescribed by Muslim law).


CUISINES: Italian, French, Dessert Parlour, Cafe, British, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options


WEBSITE: http://caramellodidsbury.co.uk

MENU: http://caramellodidsbury.co.uk

Address: 762 Wilmslow Road | Didsbury Village, Manchester M20 2DR, England

PHONE: +44 161 215 3545







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