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Top 5 Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in London

Veganism is one of the world’s fastest growing lifestyle movements, and yet at the thought of dining out for yourself or a friend can bring some people out in a cold sweat.

That being said there are more and more venues now embracing animal-free cuisine, and new vegan eateries popping up at a swift pace.

The days of fumbling with the menu and trying to find something to fill your belly, while compromising on taste are over.

Here we have gathered the top 5 vegan and vegetarian hangouts that serves great tasting food in a clean, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.



Established In 1988, its fair to say Mildreds are experienced in the art of vegan and vegetarian cuisine. In an era when most of the restaurants were musty and outdated, Mildreds came with the aim to offer great food in a vibrant and lively venue. Since then the name has rapidly grown with restaurants now in Camden, Kings Cross and Dalston.

This magnificent 18th-century townhouse in Lexington street has a lively and informal atmosphere. The menu is international themed, so there is something for all taste buds, and everything on the menu tastes fantastic.

Bear in mind that the restaurant doesn’t take bookings, and operate on a first come first serve basis but why not enjoy a drink at the bar while you wait.


CUISINES: British, International, Vegan Options, Vegetarian-Friendly, Gluten Free Options


WEBSITE: http://www.mildreds.co.uk/soho/

MENU: http://www.mildreds.co.uk/soho/

Address:45 Lexington Street, London W1F 9AN, England

PHONE:+44 20 7494 1634



The story of Tibits began with three brothers who were fed up with restaurants having plenty of options for meat eaters but not much for vegetarians. And so the brothers decided to take it upon themselves to change that.

With assistance from the great Rolf and Marielle Hiltl, (owners of the legendary and oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world, Haus Hiltl in Zurich) the trio opened their first restaurant in 2000.

The restaurant offers fresh and glorious food in a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere. The menu consists of dishes from all over the world, With over 40 homemade vegetarian and vegan salads, hot dishes, soups, freshly pressed juices and desserts.


CUISINES: International, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options


WEBSITE: https://www.tibits.co.uk/en/

MENU: https://www.tibits.co.uk/en/food-drink/menu-specials

Address:12-14 Heddon Street, London W1B 4DA, England

PHONE:+44 20 7758 4112

222 Vegan Cuisine

222 Vegan Cuisine is one of London’s top favourite restaurants. The concept behind the restaurant is simple, to offer delicious and healthy food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Every dish is prepared to order using high-quality fresh produce, and the utmost care is taken to use techniques which preserves the taste and nutritional value. If you have a special request or particular dietary requirements the chef is more then happy to oblige.

The food at 222 Vegan Cuisine is “low-fat, low-salt, non-GM and organic where possible. We never deep-fry or microwave”.


CUISINES: Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options


WEBSITE: http://www.222vegan.com/

MENU: http://www.222vegan.com/

Address:222 North End Road, London W14 9NU, England

PHONE:+44 20 7381 2322


Manna is one of the longest-established vegan-friendly eateries in London. The restaurant offers fine dining with meatless recipes and vegan alternatives. At Manna, they scour the world to find the tastiest and healthiest recipes and bring them to their ever-expanding customers. The restaurant promises to use only the “highest quality, ecologically and socially responsible ingredients— fair trade products when available and organic and local products whenever fresh and viable”.

Chefs prepare a range of fantastic vegetarian and vegan dishes with rolling specialities. The menu operates on a seasonal basis and whatever ingredients the greengrocer Phil finds at the farmers market each morning.


CUISINES: European, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options


WEBSITE: https://mannav.com/our-restaurant

MENU: https://mannav.com/menu/menus/

Address:4 Erskine Road | Primrose Hill, London NW3 3AJ, England

PHONE:+44 7923 967408


Itadaki Zen

Itadaki-zener believes that food is more than just something you fill your tummy with, they believe food has healing qualities and the better you eat the better your health and day to day life is. Itadaki Zen was born to offer options for those who are responsible and passionate about their health, to keep illnesses away with food as medicine. Ingredients such as Rice, root vegetables, seaweeds, soya beans and by-products are essential in Itadaki-zen cuisine. Every dish at Itadaki Zen is handmade and with utmost care to not waste anything, the restaurant also encourages the customers to do the same and take any leftovers home, just ask the friendly staff to pack it for you.


CUISINES: Japanese, Asian, Sushi, Vegetarian-Friendly, Gluten Free Options, Vegan Options


WEBSITE: http://www.itadakizen-uk.com/

MENU: http://www.itadakizen-uk.com/menu

Address:139 King’s Cross Road, London WC1X 9BJ, England

PHONE:+44 20 7278 3573


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