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Top Five Dessert Parlours in Bristol

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Craving something sweet? No worries, there is no shortage of places in Bristol which serves up deliciously indulgent treats.


No matter what you’re craving there are abundant of options on offer from sinfully delicious cakes, fresh crepes, amazing sundaes to the fluffiest waffles, from hot and gooey cookie doughs to picture-perfect milkshakes as well as heavenly gelatos which comes in the most imaginative flavours.


So forget any diet plans, get your comfy pants on and grab a spoon, we are heading on an adventure to discover the best dessert parlours in Bristol where you can get your sugar fix.


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Gelato has risen to amazing popularity in recent years and why not It’s the creamier, tastier cousin of ice cream and the best part is it’s up to 50% less fat than traditional ice cream so you can eat double the amount.


When it comes to making this delicious treat no one can do it better than the chefs at swoon where they churn the gelato on site from scratch using only top quality ingredients to make sure customers are served the creamiest and tastiest gelato.


Swoon has 11 firm favourites on the menu which includes classic and new innovative flavours and each month customers get 5 new guest flavours which are chosen according to season.


As well as the sensational gelato the menu also includes incredible cakes which looks too good to eat plus cold and hot drinks.

All these marvellous treats are served in beautiful Scandinavian style parlour.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, Italian, Contemporary, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options


WEBSITE: http://www.swoononaspoon.co.uk

MENU: http://www.swoononaspoon.co.uk/flavour-lab/

Address: 31A College Green, Bristol BS1 5TB, England

PHONE:  +44 117 929 0093


Anna Cake Couture

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Located in the heart of beautiful Clifton Village is this equally beautiful café, the café serves the most perfect little Moorish macaroons and a selection of heavenly cakes. The amazing wedding cakes on display will take your breath away.


If you can’t decide which divine treat to go for, why not go for the option of 3,5 or 10 picture perfect mini cakes to share with a friend or you can just gobble it all down yourself, we won’t tell anyone.


The unique open kitchen lets you enjoy the sights, sounds and smells as the expert patisserie chefs and cake makers do their work.


 If you’re inspired to up your cake decorating skills Anna Cake Couture run courses where you make your cake and eat it too, what more could you ask for?


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, Gluten Free Options, Vegetarian-Friendly


WEBSITE: http://www.thisisanna.co.uk/

MENU: http://www.thisisanna.co.uk/

Address: 7A Boyces Avenue | Clifton, Bristol BS8 4AA, England

PHONE:  +44 117 329 5959


Oliver’s Ice Cream Parlour

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Craving some sugar? Head over to Oliver’s Ice Cream Parlour, your one stop shop to everything your sweet tooth might require from the incredible ice cream and sorbet which by the way comes in 60 flavours (18 in cabinet at any one time) to the fluffiest waffles and fresh crepes, as well as ice cream lollies and a selection of cakes, lets not forget the wonderful milkshakes.


The whopping number of ice cream flavours include the classics such as vanilla and Strawberry as well as the more exciting chai, Turkish Delight, Toffee Honeycomb and Irish Cream.


The sensational sorbets are made using fresh fruit and Juices – all of which gives it a creamy smooth texture, the parlour also stock a range of Cider Sorbets made using Thatcher’s ciders.


To make sure no one misses out, the parlour provides products which can be enjoyed by everyone whether they have a nut, milk, peanut, soy, egg or gluten allergy – or follow a vegan diet, there is something for everyone to indulge in.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, Fast food


WEBSITE: http://www.oliversicecream.co.uk

MENU: http://www.oliversicecream.co.uk/flavours/4580950039

Address: Unit 7 Cargo 2 Museum Street | Unit 7, Cargo 2, Wapping Wharf, Next to the M Shed, Bristol BS1 6ZA, England

PHONE:  +44 330 900 0339



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Since creams opened its doors back in 2008, it has been a firm favourite with customers who come from far and wide to experience a little bit of the magic that’s on offer.


Creams is the ultimate dessert parlours for sugar junkies who can find the most imaginative and flamboyant desserts to indulge in, those indulgent treats include American style waffles, the new trendy bubble pop waffles, hot and fresh crepes, silky-smooth gelato and sorbet, mouth-watering puddings and delightful sundaes as well as hot and cold drinks.


All served in an instagrammable worthy stylishness inside an American diner style Dessert parlour.


If you want something truly unique why not create your own fantasy dessert with as many of your favourite treats as you want!


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar


WEBSITE: https://www.creamscafe.com

MENU: https://www.creamscafe.com/creams_menu_type/sundaes/

Address: 25 Baldwin St, Bristol BS1 1NS

PHONE:  +44 117 925 7276



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If you like to have plenty of options on the menu Kaspa’s is the place to go, the sundaes alone come in 23 sensational flavours from classics like The Screwball (Classic Raspberry Ripple and Cherry Ice Cream Scoops, topped off with fresh Vanilla ice cream, Raspberry sauce and a gumball hidden away) to the hipper Pistachio Nut Delight, Hot Fudge Sundae and Coconut Haven and all taste sublime.


The menu also has gelatos, waffles, crepes, cakes, milkshakes, smoothies and sundaes, don’t even get us started on the variety of flavours they come in.


This American style ice cream parlour with its bright pink booths, neon strip lights and fantastic services is a great place to visit with family or friends and once you do you’ll just keep looking for reasons to return.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, American


WEBSITE: http://kaspas.co.uk

MENU: http://kaspas.co.uk/food_type/sundaes/

Address: 83 Park Street, Bristol BS1 5PJ, England

PHONE:  +44 11 7925 9921





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