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Top Five Dessert Parlours in Liverpool

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Craving some sugar? nothing else will cut it? head over to one of the many outstanding dessert bars in Liverpool and indulge in a slice of scrumptious cake, some perfectly Moorish macaroons, the new dessert craze which is bubble pop waffles, scrumptious freakshake or some perfectly creamy gelato in innovative and sensational flavours.

Liverpool has something for everyone.

Icestone Gelato

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This luxurious dessert parlour is the ultimate place for truly stunning and innovative desserts.
Even before you order the mouth-watering sweet treats the interior alone will take your breath away.

Choose your choice of delectable desserts from the extensive menu which has luxurious gelato, crepes, Belgian waffles or Freshly Baked soft and gooey cookie dough and luscious sundaes.
The legendary gelatos come in a wide range of flavours from the traditional vanilla to the more adventurous and trendy Ferrero Rocher, Red Velvet and sensational Pistachio.
Icestone also has a hot dessert menu with an outstanding variety of dishes or if you want to keep the calorie count low why not go for the frozen yoghurt, flavours include strawberry, passion fruit, natural yoghurt or mango.

It’s the perfect place to visit whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving something sweet, Icestone Gelato has something for everyone!
The dessert parlour also has branches in Huddersfield, Chester, Bradford, Birmingham, Manchester and Wolverhampton


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Gluten Free Options


WEBSITE: https://icestonegelato.co.uk

MENU: https://icestonegelato.co.uk/menu.php

Address: Queen Square, Liverpool L1 1RH, England

PHONE: +44 151 708 5692

Heavenly Desserts

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This nationwide chain is a temple for any dessert lover, the dessert bars serve rich and decadent dishes which really do taste heavenly, on offer are everything a sugar junkie can require from cookie dough delicacies to heavenly, fluffy waffles, freshly made Crêpes to indulgent cakes and the creamiest cheesecakes as well as sensational milkshakes. All presented stunningly in an instagramable worthy stylishness.

All those delicious treats are served in a luxuriously decorated parlour which can seat around 120 people which makes it a perfect place to visit with a group of friends or family.

With the incredible response received after their first store which opened in 2008 the name now has branches in Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and Preston.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar, Vegetarian Friendly


WEBSITE: http://heavenlydesserts.co.uk/branch-liverpool


Address: 39-41 Strand Street, Liverpool L1 8LT, England

PHONE:+44 151 345 4160

Puffle Waffle

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Nestled on Albert Dock Puffle Waffle is Liverpool’s hidden gem, and the centre of attention at this cafe is the marvellous bubble pop waffle, We’re sure you’ve heard about this new trend in dessert that’s taking the world by storm, but just in case you haven’t let us tell you, its called the bubble pop waffle and it’s Hong Kong’s most popular takeaway delicacy.

The creators at Puffle Waffle describes this delicious treat as PUFFY, SOFT, CRISPY and YUMMY and we think that perfectly sums it up.

Each Waffle is made up of 30 puffs which are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and each puff can be filled with wacky and wonderful flavours, then add toppings and gelato for the ultimate Puffle waffle experience.

whether you’re a sugar junkie or a savoury lover, Puffle Waffle has something for everyone.

Customers can select their choice of filling to add to each individual puff.
Choose from a range of choices including banana and berries for a sweet and melt in your mouth waffle sensation.
Or maybe fill it up with cheese for the melted stringy pizza-like savoury waffle.

although a lot of places now serve this wonderful treat the ones you can find at Puffle Waffle are still some of the best, and the secret is an age-old, traditional recipe passed down through the family.


CUISINES: Cafe, Dessert bar, International, Street Food, Vegetarian Friendly


WEBSITE: http://www.pufflewaffle.co.uk/


Address: Unit 34 Anchor Courtyard Albert Dock | Albert Dock, Liverpool L3 4AS, England

PHONE: +44 151 703 0876

The Little Macaron Shop

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located in Waterloo, North Liverpool is a shop that’s making people go crazy, the shop was set up by pastry chef and baker Stephen Maddock.

At the beginning, Stephen used to sell the handmade macarons locally to customers online, Stephen would create each order by hand, personally perfecting every detail right down to the delivery boxes. As demand quickly grew he began trading at a local market and soon after producing and selling from his new shop.

But if you think these little perfections are the only thing you’ll find at the Little Macaron Shop, you couldn’t be more wrong.
After all, we’re talking about a cafe/shop that belongs to the man who invented the ‘Maclair’, an éclair/ macaron hybrid. A stroke of genius that is now imitated all over the world.
Sales went through the roof after Stephens Maclairs appeared on the Channel 4 ‘Sunday Brunch’ programme and were an instant hit with chef Simon Rimmer and guest alike, after the show, people started coming from up and down the country to taste the glorious treat.

As well as the delightful Macarons and acclaimed Maclairs, beautiful cakes and an excellent selection of hot drinks The Little Macaron Shop also sell pies which are so popular that would-be customers have nearly come to blows in their eagerness to bag one.

As the cafe serves on a policy of first come first served, we will advise you to go early to avoid disappointment.

All these treats are served in a cosy little cafe with great ambience and extremely friendly staff.


CUISINES: Cafe, Dessert bar


WEBSITE: http://www.thelittlemacaronshop.co.uk

MENU: http://www.thelittlemacaronshop.co.uk

Address: 42A St. Johns Road | Waterloo, Liverpool L22 9QG, England


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Creams is a nationwide chain, with over 60 branches across the UK. Since creams opened its doors back in 2008, it has been a firm favourite with customers who come from far and wide to experience a little bit of the magic that’s on offer.

Creams is the ultimate dessert parlours for sugar junkies who can find the most imaginative and flamboyant desserts to indulge in, those indulgent treats include American style waffles, the new trendy bubble pop waffles, hot and fresh crepes, silky-smooth gelato and sorbet, mouth-watering puddings and delightful sundaes as well as hot and cold drinks.

Creams is famous for their legendary freakshakes and the latest dessert craze everyone’s talking about bubble pop waffles.

All served in an instagrammable worthy stylishness inside an American diner style Dessert parlour.


CUISINES: Cafe, Ice cream parlour, Dessert bar


WEBSITE: https://www.creamscafe.com

MENU: https://www.creamscafe.com/creams_menu_type/sundaes/

Address: Unit 1A Chancery House Paradise Street, England, L1 3HE

PHONE: +44 151 707 9094


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